PVC flooring in stone and mosaic look

Are you looking for a floor covering that conveys a stony, Mediterranean style? Then PVC flooring in stone and mosaic look from Alpha-Tex is the perfect solution. PVC flooring has additional advantages to offer. We present the most beautiful types of PVC flooring in stone & mosaic below.

PVC floor in stone look

Do you like the noble look of Mediterranean stone floors, but would you prefer your living area to be warm underfoot, with impact sound insulation and easy to clean? A high-quality PVC floor in stone look from Alpha-Tex is the perfect solution! In our online shop you will find:

  • PVC floor in stone look grey 
  • PVC floor in stone look black
  • PVC floor in stone look white

Helpful tips on choosing and installing stone-look PVC flooring can be found further down in the text.

Stone-look PVC: the advantages of vinyl flooring in general

Whether in a bedroom or hallway, kitchen, dining room or bathroom, our polyvinyl chloride floor coverings are suitable for all living areas. They look just as chic as tiles or natural stone, but are much easier to clean and also pleasantly warm underfoot. Unlike laminate, PVC can also be used in damp rooms without any problems.

You don't have to do without underfloor heating with our PVC floors in stone look, because the PVC planks from Alpha-Tex are suitable for underfloor heating. Overall, you benefit from an excellent price-performance ratio and even purchase a sustainable product, because the material is recyclable.

PVC flooring in stone or tile look: Buy online now at Alpha-Tex!

More and more home and flat owners are opting for a design floor made of polyvinyl chloride when renovating. In addition to the classic wood look, stone, sand and concrete looks are becoming increasingly popular. Whether timeless, retro or ultra-modern - the Alpha-Tex online shop offers a diverse selection of attractive decors.

Our stone-look PVC floors are available by the metre and come in different sizes. Make your selection at your leisure and order from the comfort of your own home! We offer all common payment methods and our shipping costs are nothing compared to the hassle you would have if you had to drive to the DIY store yourself.

PVC floor in stone look grey

A PVC floor in stone look grey suits every interior and does not have to look drab at all. With our PVC flooring in mosaic design, for example, light grey, dark grey and anthracite complement each other to create a pattern that is both harmonious and invigorating.

Black stone-look PVC flooring

A black stone-look PVC floor is reminiscent of slate, granite or black marble and has a correspondingly noble effect. Especially in large, bright rooms, it provides contrast and beautifully accentuates your furniture.

White stone-look PVC floor

A white floor looks fresh and creates a friendly atmosphere. Instead of delicate tiles or natural stone, a white stone-look PVC floor is a good choice. It is much easier to clean and still looks deceptively real with its decor.

Sample service

It is difficult to choose PVC flooring from photos. After all, when buying PVC flooring with a stone look, the feel also plays an important role. We know this and will therefore send you a sample on request. You can examine the piece (approximately DIN A4) at your leisure and then make a qualified purchase decision.

Tips for buying a new PVC floor in stone look

Depending on how a room is used and how much it is frequented, the floor is exposed to different loads. PVC floor coverings are therefore usually divided into different usage classes. These tell us something about the load-bearing capacity of the wear layer. The PVC floors in stone look from Alpha-Tex are suitable for all normally used living areas.

If you want to install your new PVC flooring yourself, you should have the necessary tools to hand. It is best to order installation accessories such as protective and masking film, adhesive tape or carpet knives from us at the same time.

Where and how can the stone-look PVC floor best be installed?

Whether in the living room or in the children's room, whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom and WC (formerly known as wet rooms) - a high-quality PVC floor in stone look can be installed practically anywhere. The only important thing is that you pay attention to a few points:

  • When preparing the subfloor, you should thoroughly remove remnants of carpeting, laminate or old adhesive and level out any unevenness. 
  • Use a really sharp knife (preferably a carpet knife) to cut the PVC flooring to size in order to obtain smooth edges. 
  • PVC flooring does not always have to be glued down. Depending on the nature of the room, it may also be sufficient to lay the planks carefully and tightly. For optimum stability, we nevertheless recommend gluing the PVC over the entire surface. 
  • Especially in damp rooms, ensure that the wall finish is free of gaps.

Do you have any questions about your order?

Do you need help choosing your stone-look PVC floor? Do you have questions about delivery time and shipping costs or do you have any other concerns? Contact us by phone, email or via our contact form. Our friendly staff will be happy to advise you competently.

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