Exhibition and event carpet

Do you have a special moment in your life coming up soon? Then we recommend the right carpet for your wedding, birthday, company party, graduation party, gala, etc. We offer a uniquely large selection of colours, so that in addition to the option of a classic red or white, you also have the possibility of making your event unique with a coloured carpet!

Trade fair carpet and event carpet

Are you planning a major event or preparing a trade fair stand? Then first and foremost you need a representative, hard-wearing floor covering. In short: you need an event carpet or trade fair carpet! The Alpha-Tex online shop offers high-quality floor coverings for every occasion. With us, you will discover the advantages of classic rep carpets and get to know the B1 flame-retardant trade fair carpet. We tell you how you can easily install an exhibition floor yourself and how to dispose of old carpet in an environmentally friendly way. We also explain which surface structure is best suited for your event.

Trade fair carpet - the ideal basis for your trade fair presentation

A trade fair floor or red carpet has to meet much higher standards than the living room carpet at home. One issue, for example, is the safety regulations of fire protection. To ensure that no electrical charge is generated when numerous visitors walk on them, professional trade fair carpets also have an antistatic finish.

Of course, our Messerips, velour carpets and carpet tiles are also dirt-repellent in the best possible way. This makes them easy to clean and at the same time ensures a flawless appearance. In addition, many of our floor coverings offer excellent impact sound insulation as well as a pleasantly soft walking sensation. In terms of colour palette and surface, you will find exactly the trade fair carpet you have been looking for in our large range.

Event carpet for weddings, parties, company celebrations and more

The floor covering forms the basis for every appearance and makes a decisive contribution to the design of an event. While a dark blue velour carpet looks rather distinguished and representative, bright colours like orange or turquoise liven up every party. A perfectly placed red carpet, on the other hand, immediately shows who should be the centre of attention at your party.

Depending on the type of event, an event carpet will be just as busy as a trade fair floor. So if in doubt, feel free to opt for a robust rep exhibition carpet here too.

Order hard-wearing, high-quality exhibition carpeting online from Alpha-Tex

Whether velour, flat felt or needle felt, whether anthracite, light grey or dark green: Simply order your exhibition carpet online at Alpha-Tex! We stock the products in rolls and cut them to the exact dimensions you require.

We ship trade fair and event carpets throughout Europe. Within Germany the delivery time is usually only 2-3 days. You are welcome to request a sample (DIN A4 size) in advance to convince yourself of the quality and feel of our exporips and velour carpets. We only charge a small fee for the shipping costs.

Flame retardant - safe quality for trade fairs and events

The designation "B1 carpet" or "Bfl-s1" has to do with the fire class and stands for "flame retardant". With Rips carpets certified in this way, you are always on the safe side - even if things get hot at your events.

Other quality features of our B1 exhibition carpet at a glance:
  • hard-wearing and robust 
  • impact sound absorbing 
  • dirt-repellent and easy to clean 
  • absolutely colourfast 
  • wide range of colours 
  • different pile heights 
  • available with different backings 
  • roll cutting possible

  • Rep, felt or velour - which trade fair carpet suits best?

    When it comes to trade fair carpet, the choice of surface is primarily a question of taste and appearance. All variants in this category are designed for heavy use - this also applies to the softer and more elegant trade fair velour.

    Needle felt is known as the absolute classic among trade fair and event carpets. Its special structure makes it almost impossible for dirt to penetrate into the deeper layers. Only the much harder needlefelt is even more robust than needlefelt.

    The Rips trade fair carpet is easy to lay and, as the name suggests, is characterised by its ribbed structure. This has a directional visual effect that can be used specifically to direct and guide visitors. In the trade, this type of carpet is usually available under the name Messerips or Exporips.

    Laying exhibition carpet yourself

    An exhibition carpet B1 or Rips carpet is flexible and can be easily cut to size with a sharp knife. This means you can easily lay it yourself, even in complex room structures. You will find the necessary tools and suitable aids such as adhesive tape or foil covers in the Alpha-Tex online shop under the heading Installation accessories.

    Dispose of exhibition carpets in an environmentally friendly way

    Our exhibition carpet by the metre can of course be used several times. When the Exporips have had their day, that's no problem either: polypropylene is an environmentally friendly material that you can usually even dispose of free of charge at public recycling centres. The recycling code for PP exhibition carpets is 05.

    Do you have any questions or need help with your order?

    If you have any questions about exhibition carpets, please use our contact form or give us a call - our friendly team of experts will be happy to help! It doesn't matter how big or small your order is, because we value private customers and business customers alike.

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