PVC flooring for children's rooms

Are you looking for a floor covering that invites you to play and have fun and is suitable for children? Then PVC flooring for children's rooms from Alpha-Tex is the perfect solution. PVC flooring has additional advantages to offer. We present the most beautiful types of PVC flooring for children's rooms below.

PVC flooring for the children's room

Are you renovating your home and still need a suitable floor for the children's room? Are you expecting a baby and looking for the ideal baby floor? A high-quality PVC floor from Alpha-Tex in a colourful design is the perfect floor covering for the children's room. It meets all the important criteria and offers an affordable, pollutant-free alternative to solid wood, cork or carpet. In the following, we will introduce you to individual products and explain what you need to look out for when buying PVC for the children's room. Of course, you will also find floorings in wood look or other noble designs in our online shop.

What criteria should a children's room floor fulfil?

The children's room is one of the rooms in the house where the floor is subjected to the most wear and tear. This is where people crawl and romp, where toy boxes are dumped and where wild car races take place. Paint and glue land on the children's room floor just as regularly as fruit juice, ice cream, pudding or chewing gum.

The floor covering in the children's room must not take any of this amiss. It must be hard-wearing, easy to clean, but at the same time free of harmful substances. In addition, it should radiate a modern, homely atmosphere. The floor in the children's room should feel pleasant under your child's feet. To keep the noise level in check, the baby floor also has a sound-absorbing function.

What are the advantages of PVC flooring in the nursery?

Cork flooring, wooden flooring and parquet flooring (also prefabricated parquet) are fine natural products. However, they quickly get unsightly scratches if the sealant is damaged. Especially in a child's room, this happens faster than you would like. For this reason alone, you are better off with PVC flooring.

Here is an overview of the most important advantages of PVC flooring in children's rooms:

  • Elastic, easy on the joints 
  • warm underfoot, pleasant walking feeling 
  • Impact sound insulation, improved room acoustics 
  • hard-wearing, durable 
  • easy to clean and maintain 
  • easy to install 
  • compatible with underfloor heating

PVC flooring for children's rooms is comparatively inexpensive and available in a wide range of colours.

PVC in the children's room: the inexpensive alternative

You don't necessarily need real wood, cork or a carpet in your baby's room. PVC flooring for the nursery is an inexpensive alternative that combines all the important properties. If you also seal the wear layer, it is even easier to clean and stays like new for years.

More PVC floor designs in our online shop

You like it simpler? Our carpets for baby rooms are too colourful for you? Under the heading PVC floor you will find many other attractive designs in the Alpha-Tex online shop, for example in concrete or wood look.

PVC flooring in the nursery without harmful substances

It goes without saying that a baby floor or a carpet in a baby's room must not contain any harmful substances. Concerned parents also ask us about the possible dangers of PVC in the children's room due to formaldehyde or plasticisers being emitted into the air. Fortunately, such horror stories are a thing of the past. Modern floor coverings for children's rooms do not contain any harmful substances and can be used without hesitation.

Order high-quality PVC flooring for children's rooms online

How about laminate flooring as a play street? How would your child like PVC flooring with colourful emojis, puzzle pieces or clever building block designs? Choose your favourite from the high-quality products from Alpha-Tex and order directly online!

Tips before buying

When buying carpeting for the children's room, please make sure that it has the correct usage class.

It is also important to know: Depending on the product variant, the installation height of our PVC flooring for children's rooms is 2.4-2.8 mm.

Installation accessories from our shop

If you install PVC in the children's room professionally, you may even be able to do without adhesive. You can find laying accessories such as carpet knives, end strips or adhesive tape in our online shop. It's best to order everything you need at the same time.

Do you have any questions about flooring in the children's room?

If you need help with the ordering process, have questions or would like competent advice, get in touch! Our staff can be reached by phone, email or via the contact form and will be happy to help you.

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FAQ: Frequently asked questions about PVC flooring in children's rooms

Which floor is suitable for children?

Polyvinyl chloride is the ideal flooring for children's rooms. The material is hard-wearing, easy to clean and also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Is PVC flooring harmful?

Not if you pay attention to the ingredients when choosing a product. Modern PVC floors are free of harmful substances and do not affect the indoor climate.

Which floor covering is ideal for the kindergarten?

A hard-wearing vinyl floor with cool designs meets all the criteria that matter in a kindergarten.

Is PVC an alternative to parquet in the nursery?

PVC in the nursery is superior to parquet in many ways. It is robust, durable and available in colourful decors.